Child write in a notebook. Close up hand and pen

Hidden Disabilities

Hidden disabilities have a significant and global impact throughout the whole of a person’s lifetime.   Often the help people need to make adjustments, to establish a positive self-image and find ways of coping are established when young.  Often it is down to the help and support available that helps a child reach their potential.  All too often this opportunity is missed with often disastrous consequences.

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of hidden disabilities with those who come into contact with children and young people, to help professionals identify sufferers, and to give them the knowledge and skill set they need to work with them effectively.

Objectives of the course

  • Broaden your knowledge base around hidden disabilities
  • To challenge current views / practices
  • To look at the reasons professionals can fail young people in this area
  • To explore the impact of a hidden disability on the individual
  • To look at the potential long term impact of hidden disabilities
  • To identify the key factors in the decision to hide a disability
  • To give participants the practical knowledge, skills and advice needed to work effectively with children and young people with hidden disabilities